Stay Gold ,Listening & The Percussion Family Due FEB. 13th

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Stay Gold ,Listening & The Percussion Family Due FEB. 13th

Post by blackstonejb » Tue Feb 06, 2018 3:27 pm

Hi Class ;)

We are off to a good start with "Stay Gold"-
There are several assignments which you need to work on independently and have ready for
Tuesday, February 13th.

#1.) Review your notes from today ..use a real measure in music and repeat signs / make sure you have described EVERYONE"S PART
We will copy this into your LISTENING LOGS on Tuesday Fen 13th

#2) We won't have a chance to First view this together, however, it is another example of a GREAT TALENTED musician with a disability

( so Sorry - I keep updating the link - and NPR doesn't stay the same - so 5 hours later, it doesn't work) TRY YOUTUBE LINK BELOW

Evelyn Glennie is a master percussionist who, from the age of 12 has lost more than 80% of her hearing,,, she is profoundly deaf
however, she never let that hold her back... she encourages all people to be better listeners !! During the week check this TED TALK
with Dame Glennie and take notes of the ideas and facts that interested you the most... must be 1/2 page PRINTED Here is the LINK :
#2) PERCUSSION FAMILY ASSIGNMENT to start us in this new direction : ... ercussion/

READ EVERYTHING! - and make a list on a WORD DOCUMENT of all the percussion instruments listed here//
make sure you include several interesting facts about each one ....
I WILL see everyones/s work on Tuesday the 13th - IT MUST BE PRINTED !!! -

#3.) MEASURE AWARENESS: Continue to listen to Stay Gold -)) see if you can COUNT the number of measures in the B section!! ( as you listen, of course)

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