Preparing for WED Jan 31st Midterm

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Preparing for WED Jan 31st Midterm

Post by blackstonejb » Fri Jan 26, 2018 4:27 pm

Hi Class, As far as I know, we are on for WEDNESDAY..

These are to help you with your understanding and PRACTICE of Line and Space Notes ... _space.htm ... spaces.htm

Each of you can prepare for the Mid Term General Music Exam (which you will take on Wednesday,4thPeriod )
by reviewing the following:

Theory: Reviewing the Grand Staff, bar lines measures, understanding the TRIAD,,, and being able to diagram the 5 chords from Stay Gold-- please practice drawing treble clefs and bass clefs as well...

Listening : You will Listen to the opening of Ravel's Bolero and identify the different instruments as they enter

Vocabulary: These terms were mentioned as we explored the different "connections" to Ravel's Bolero -
and some questions concerning "The String Family"

Lyric Memorization and Song Form:
Be able to clearly and NEATLY hand-write a lyric sheet for "Lend Me Your Comb" and the arrangement we
rehearsed and presented for the Holiday Party/ AND THEN WE WILL PLAY IT!!

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