LYRIC SHEET for Stay Gold and Short Theory Quiz

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LYRIC SHEET for Stay Gold and Short Theory Quiz

Post by blackstonejb » Thu Dec 14, 2017 2:35 pm

Hi Class :D

Good Job today .. !!
REMEMBER: Please don't misplace your final chart for "Lend Me Your Comb" ! It
will need to be passed in to me after performance for valuable grade points - look them over before TUESDAY ,,and
make sure all your parts are described ...and song form is correct -
On Monday, make an extra copy for the Thursday Performance !

What's Due on Tuesday:
Short Theory Quiz on chapters- 9 -11 - FINISH CHAPTER 12 / ( which is the Quiz )
There might be a couple more Questions ...but it will mostly be as the Theory Book has written
    Lyric Sheet for Stay Gold ... with Sections Identified ( verse 1 verse 2, and chorus etc)
      Make two to pass in for grade points and one for your folder
      Make sure to Identify the verse number and chorus or bridge DOUBLE SPACE

      HUG POSITION/VOCAL PRACTICE ! ( Awareness) Making sure you have "breath support"
      • Sit on the edge of a chair... feet flat on the floor
      • Breath in slowly through a small "straw hole" for 10 counts
      • Sss Out your air gently and slowly for 15 counts
      • Then remember the Italian Vowels :
        • Ehh Eee Ahh Ohh and Ooh
        • Staying in the Hug Position, vocalize the itlalian vowels sounds in different orders...
          trying to connect them..and then, not connected ( staccato)- as we did in class
        • Try and imagine the "puppet and puppeteer" imagery we did together today as well!!

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