Preparation Info for Quarterly Exam Monday

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Preparation Info for Quarterly Exam Monday

Post by blackstonejb » Thu Nov 16, 2017 8:10 pm

(sorry this is posted late)
IMPORTANT: Please come by the Vox Box and pick up your Listening Log on Friday afternoon?/free time If you have been doing any listening assignments on your computer, you need to print them and staple them on to a separate page with the date.

To prepare for the Quarterly Exam please pay attention to these topics we have covered:

Questions concerning the woodwind family:
Questions concerning the string family –and especially
details concerning these latest Presentations by class mates on:
• The acoustic Guitar
• The Ukelele
• The Cello
• The Sitar
• The Cifteli

[*]Chapter 7 material in the Theory Work Book Time Signatures and Note Duration

[*]Performance of Lend Me Your Comb and the arrangement “idea” PLUS Everyone needs to sing the first two verses!!

[*]Please copy into your notes the following definitions that pertain to our class work on “ Lend Me Your Comb “

In music, an arrangement is a re-organization of a previously composed musical work/ song so that it fits a certain group of performers, instruments or events It means that the song has been embellished or altered in a way from how it was originally written.
Most often, the 'arrangement' contains the same melody and chord structure. The 'motif' (musical idea) remains the same. Maybe additional notes are added to give the music a (hopefully) more interesting feel and texture. Sometimes the rhythm and/or tempo is altered.

We arranged Lend Me Your Comb for the following instruments:
Keyboard Bass
And Tambourine
These instruments give the song a completely different texture

Rhythmic Pattern
simply a repetitive pattern of strong and weak beats in groups of 2, 3 4, and so on – we are using a pattern of 2 and 3

FORM: Lend Me Your Comb has a definite form: Verse 1 ( or A1) Verse 2 ( A2) Bridge and Verse 3 ( A3)
In musical shorthand it is an AABA form

Motif: (musical idea).. Think about what the strongest “motif “ would be in Lend Me Your Comb ??

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