INSTRUMENT FAMILY; WOODWINDS explore this link, due OCT 3

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INSTRUMENT FAMILY; WOODWINDS explore this link, due OCT 3

Post by blackstonejb » Thu Sep 28, 2017 10:42 pm

Hello Class: :D
    One of the MAJOR Western instruments imported into Albania was the Clarinet - the clarinet is present in so much of their music
    It is a member of the WOODWIND FAMILY
      To begin being fully educated in music, I would like you to check out the entire woodwind examples on this page : ... uments.htm
        Make a list of all the different family members :
        AND write a very short description of the way each instrument "sounds" / using your previous knowledge -what makes it unique
        you can find this info easily on line --Also, if anyone in your family /or circle of friends plays any of these instruments, please mention that as well !
          Keep exploring and documenting your list of Albanian instruments -)

          We will continue with each class member choosing their favorite song! It can be from ANY Genre - but try to determine what
          genre you think it's from...Research the lyrics, describe the song and "why" you like it - you will then play the song (youtube)
          or CD using the smart board -please have lyric sheets for each member of the class:

          The Genre's we discussed are "

          Musical Theater /Broadway
          World Music (such as the Albanian Urban music we heard these past few days)
          Rap/Hip Hop
          Alternative Rock
          Classic Rock
          Heavy Metal
          Country (usa)
          Singer Songwriter
          Commercial Pop
          Latin Salsa, Cuban
          South American

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