Completing 3rd Quarter Exams from Monday

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Completing 3rd Quarter Exams from Monday

Post by blackstonejb » Tue Apr 17, 2018 10:38 am

Hi Class:

Due to the heavy rain Monday morning and the computer glitch, all of you were not able to finish the 3rd Quarter Exam- and it NEEDS to get done and grades posted.Completing this exam is mandatory. No exceptions

The GOOD NEWS is that the Scripts for “Kornucopia & The Case of the Missing Genres” will be distributed to you once you complete the exam.

A message is going out to all of your parents/family that there are two options for completing the test:
1. FRIDAY April 20th during Period 4 is the BEST OPTION
2. 3 Pm right after school on Thursday (3- 3:45) will be for those 7th graders who are going to Albania and who most likely will NOT be able to come to school on Friday. It is open for others who have a conflict with being at school on Friday. You will need to come to the Vox Box for completing the exam.

Some of you would do well to review the Italian Expression Handout

As I started correcting the exams , I saw answers that reflect “no studying”
Know what I mean?

Also I would review the 2 observation videos;

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