Part2 Percussion Family 2 Reports Due Feb 23rd

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Part2 Percussion Family 2 Reports Due Feb 23rd

Post by blackstonejb » Mon Feb 12, 2018 3:19 pm

Hi Class: :) Remember percussion instruments can be TUNED or UNTUNED ...we will explore this further in weeks ahead

check out the Birimbau here :

Spend some time on the Web checking out the different instruments from The Latin/ Caribbean Countries and from the Middle Eastern region written about in the Glossary I handed out to each of you today

Please choose 2 PERCUSSION INSTRUMENTS from the World Percussion Family Glossary - compose a one page report on each as well as a link
that we can see watch in the future days ahead...

Name the country of origin
How old is the instrument? When was it first created?
Name the materials used to make the instrument
Tell us if the instrument is used in popular, world, Latin etc..musics -
Do they play it unprofessional recording sessions?
Where was the most important place it was played? / used in family gatherings/ religious gatherings

** Sorry, but there are pages that are duplicate in your glossaries ! - but all the instruments are either from Middle East or Latin and South America!!

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