Percussion Family Assignment Due Friday Feb 9th

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Percussion Family Assignment Due Friday Feb 9th

Post by blackstonejb » Mon Feb 05, 2018 6:45 pm

Hello Class! :)

As explained in class today, we are off on another journey towards Theater !! And Towards The Percussion Family -)) as well as towards being better

But first, I have just a couple assignments having to do with the wonderful LISTENING VIDEO we started on today
Evelyn Glennie is a master percussionist who, from the age of 12 has lost more than 80% of her hearing,,, she is deaf
and she never let that hold her back... she encourages all people to be better listeners !! I hope you will all check this TED TALK
with Dame Glennie on your own, Here is the LINK : ... le-to-hear

#1)ASSIGNMENT to start us in this new direction : ... ercussion/

READ EVERYTHING! - and make a list on a WORD DOCUMENT of all the percussion instruments listed here//
make sure you include several interesting facts about each one ....
I WILL see everyones/s work on Friday - IT MUST BE PRINTED !!! -

#2) Continue to think about the TWO CHARACTERS you will play in "Kornucoppia...The Case of the Disappearing Genres"
It's going to be a great "short play" - and everyone needs to be "streamlined and efficient" in the their behavior in order to get this up to
" on stage quality" ... I know you all can be great! :D

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