PREP for Mid Term Wednesday, Jan 31st

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PREP for Mid Term Wednesday, Jan 31st

Post by blackstonejb » Thu Jan 25, 2018 9:53 am

Hi Class :)

Thanks to Ellis and Lewis for dropping off their "reflection " paragraph as asked. :D

Each of you can prepare for the Mid Term General Music Exam (which you will take on Wednesday, 3rd Period )
by reviewing the following:

Theory: Reviewing whole, Half, and Quarter Notes (Lesson 5) Reviewing Lesson 6, measures, drawing bar lines,
Lesson 7,Time Signatures and NOTE VALUES .. also, please practice drawing treble clefs and bass clefs !

Listening : You will Listen to the opening of Ravel's Bolero and identify the different instruments as they enter

Vocabulary: These terms were mentioned as we explored the different "connections" to Ravel's Bolero -
and some questions concerning "The String Family"

Lyric Memorization and Song Form: I will distribute lyric sheets to each of you on Friday ( DO NOT LOOSE THEM) . Please do your VERY BEST to memorize the first two VERSES of "Hallelujah, - by Leonard Cohen - You will be asked to write them in your NEATEST Handwriting in lyric form ( meaning, as they appear on the printed lyric sheets )

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