Monday Presentations 3 and Chorus

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Monday Presentations 3 and Chorus

Post by blackstonejb » Fri Dec 08, 2017 1:00 pm

Hi Class: :D

Good presentations today from Emilia and Matin!- although try to remember to have your two GENRES selected BEFORE you present
Next Presenters:
MONDAY: Marwa and Lewis..
Friday : Phillipe, Jane

CHORUS POSITIONS: ( remember where you were standing )

Back Row Phillipe, Jaden, Aydin, Alex, Marwa
Front : Emilia, Ellis, Jane, Lewis Matin

YES, The Key of C for Hallelujah is not good- too high - we will change the key to G and it will be more comfortable
KEEP Listening to the LINKS : here they are again

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