Finishing Presentations : SINGING!!

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Finishing Presentations : SINGING!!

Post by blackstonejb » Thu Dec 07, 2017 3:04 pm

Hi Class:
    Amelia and Matine are String Family Presenters tomorrow
      Students who have completed there String Family Presentations are :

      Alex Jane
      Aiden Ellis
      & Jaden .....and yet, I have ONE completed presentation paper in the folder .... Did some of you take yours back?
      I can only find Aiden's on the stand where I told you to leave them...

      This is a GRADE POINTS Item...there fore the people on the list have to hand them to me personally TOMORROW -or come by the Vox Box and leave them in the ORANGE FOLDER Marked "7th Grade - To Be Passed IN " TOMORROW IS THE DEADLINE

      Check your RHYTHMIC Understanding with this : HOW MANY OF YOU EVEN TOOK THE TIME TO TRY THIS ??
      If you did, there will be extra points and a sheet for you to sign when you arrive tomorrow ... I will run the quiz briefly as well

      go to this link: ( follow the prompts) and write down your score !! ... ivery1.htm

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