WOODWIND FAMILY Exploring Genres Extended NEW Oct 16th

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WOODWIND FAMILY Exploring Genres Extended NEW Oct 16th

Post by blackstonejb » Fri Oct 13, 2017 5:57 pm

Hello Class :D

I enjoyed the presentations today and we will continue with more on Monday - everyone will get a chance to present!!
  • As mentioned today in class, you need to ALWAYS bring your two pocket folder with you"AND A YELLOW HIGHLIGHTER

    Musical Terms and Expressions Definitions Handout
    • Please highlight the following definitions and expressions before you come to class on Monday :
      • Accelerando - tempo gradually gets faster
          Adagio - slow speed (not too slow)
        • *
        Allegro - fast tempo / speed
        • * Andante - play the music at a moderately slow speed.
          * Bar Line - a vertical line on the staff to separate measures in a composition.
          * Beat - a musical pulse or unit of time / the steady pulse of music.
      * Clef - a symbol placed at the beginning of the staff to indicate names of lines and spaces.
      * Conductor - the director of a group of musicians.
      * Crescendo - gradually get louder
    • Decrescendo - gradually get softer
      * Dynamics - symbols that indicate a change in volume of a song. (The students played the music louder and softer, as indicated by the dynamics written on the music.)
      * Forte - loud. (The percussion section saw the forte mark on their music and played the music with a booming sound
      * Largo - slow and stately
      * Measure - the space between one bar line and the next.
      * Moderato - medium tempo / speed
      * Orchestra - a large group of instrumentalists consisting of woodwind, brass, string and percussion sections.
      * Piano - soft
      * Presto - very fast tempo or speed
      * Staff - horizontal lines on which notes are written. The musical staff has five lines and four spaces.
      * Tempo - the speed of a composition. (The director told the students to play the song at a faster tempo.)
      * Vivace - lively and quick tempo

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