LISTENING LOG PROJECT :NEW Listening Assignment 9/15 - DUE 9/18

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LISTENING LOG PROJECT :NEW Listening Assignment 9/15 - DUE 9/18

Post by blackstonejb » Fri Sep 15, 2017 1:27 pm

HELLO CLASS: Great violin and piano concert today !!! - thank you Dexter and Mr. Klibonoff !!

#1 when you have printed out the lyrics for Give Peace a Chance
circle the CHORUS SECTION - and make sure you memorize that melody and lyric

#2Here is the LINK for Give Peace A Chance
Give Peace a Chance (feat. Chicago Mass Choir) Mad Secret Concert...... ( 7th graders will be TD's Gospel Chorus!! )


As mentioned today in class, this is an "on-going" project ...
what ever pieces and or YouTube links to songs I assign - or whether you are writing about
a song of your own choosing -it ALL goes into the Listening Journal /Log

There are two ways it can be done:
A)) Type your comments in WORD - print at home/or school and when you come to class, you may
staple it into the journal -

Or, B) simply take the journal home and compete the work as hand written... but neatly -))

REMEMBER: this journal/Log is yours for the whole school year - it is a PROJECT and projects count !!!

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