Grade 8 Homework due 11-16-17

English Assignments 7-12
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Grade 8 Homework due 11-16-17

Post by andrewchapin » Wed Nov 15, 2017 2:20 pm

Here are the notes from class today:

11/15 – Social v. Intelligence Hierarchy of the Ranch
Intelligence hierarchy = people are listed in order of most intelligence/skill
Social hierarchy = people are listed in accordance with their power on the ranch
Intelligence (from smartest)
1. Crooks
2. Slim
3. Candy (experience/intelligence)*** Candy’s placement can move down depending on if criteria is strictly physically-based
4. George
5. Carlson– general population of workers who are generally unintelligent but skilled in some way
6. Curley
7. Curley’s Wife
8. Lennie **not a commentary on the developmentally disabled.
Most skilled down:
1. Slim
2. Lennie
3. Crooks
4. George
5. Carlson*
6. Candy
7. Curley
8. Curley’s Wife
Social Hierarchy: Boss; Curley; Slim; all other workers; Curley’s Wife; Candy; Lennie; Crooks – Crooks is lowest due to the color of his skin; Lennie comes before b/c he is developmentally disabled, followed by Candy b/c he is physically disabled, followed by Curley’s Wife b/c she is a female married to the boss’s son. If she weren’t married to the boss’s son, where do you think she might fit in this hierarchy? RIGHT BEFORE CROOKS.

Figurative significance of Curley’s Glove:
Candy says that Curley keeps his hand (the hand his wedding band goes on) in a glove filled with Vaseline to keep it soft for his wife. This can be interpreted as the following:
• Curley’s respect for his wife/the sanctity of their marriage
• Curley’s lack of masculinity/control over his wife
• Curley’s virginity
• False interp – Curley’s dominance; Curley’s Wife’s sexual desire

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