Grade 7 Literature Homework due 11-09-17

English Assignments 7-12
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Grade 7 Literature Homework due 11-09-17

Post by andrewchapin » Wed Nov 08, 2017 4:46 pm

Read Chapter 6 and answer the following (2-3 sentences/question):
• Based on this chapter, what more do you learn about Lorraine’s mother?
• What feelings do you perceive that she ahs towards her father based on how she presents him?
• How would you characterize Lorraine’s home life? Be specific and explain your answer.
• What omens does Lorraine identify in Chapter 6? What do you think they signify?

The notes as requested in class:

Denotation = literal meaning – words have a denotative meaning aka definition – in short, a word’s denotative meaning involves looking at a word without any focus on feeling/emotion or proper context of a word.

Connotation = implied meaning or the feelings associated with a particular word. An author’s diction (word choice – think dictionary) is heavily affected by connotative meanings of words.
For example, dislike or distaste has a much weaker connotation than loathe or abhor or hate or despise. These are much stronger words.
Much in the same way, house and home are synonyms of one another; yet, they have different connotations.
• Home has a much warmer, affectionate connotation than house b/c when one thinks of home, he thinks of where he/she lives + a comforting surrounding, his/her family, + MEMORIES.
• House has a less inviting, bland connotation b/c it conveys the denotative meaning of the word – structure or dwelling. NOWHERE IN THERE ARE MEMORIES OR WARM FEELINGS.
• Do John and Lorraine live in houses or homes? J/L appear to live in houses b/c they do not feel the affection of their parents or really have any memories or feel welcome.
• The figurative connection here is that they do not feel welcome in their own houses, so a fateful occurrence brings them to Mr. Pignati’s where they feel at home – he has a home and enjoys their company.

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