Grade 8 Homework due 10-13-17

English Assignments 7-12
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Grade 8 Homework due 10-13-17

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Conjugate the following verbs in the present and past tenses as well as the present and past perfect tenses: break, throw, take, steal, and strike (one conjugation chart per verb/tense).

The conjugation chart is as follows:
1. I
2. You
3. He/she/it

1. We
2. You
3. They

For those who requested the notes:

Verb tense = when something happens
There are three simple tenses – present, past, and future – and three perfect tenses – present perfect, past perfect, and future perfect.
Present – happens now
• Third person singular form adds s/es (if verb ends in a vowel like go)
• The other forms are the same
• Irregulars – to be – I am; you are; he/she/it is; we are; you are; they are; to have – I have; you have; he/she/it has
Ex: She (SUBJ) enjoys (VERB - TRANSITIVE) typing (DO – what she enjoys) these notes in English class.
Ex: They (SUBJ) hate (VERB – TRANSITIVE) Mr. Chapin (whom they hate).
Past tense – Happened already – action completed
• Will add ED ending unless verb is irregular
• See list (handout tomorrow)
Ex: Regular verb – They decided (past tense INT) to see a movie.
Ex: Irregular – They went (past tense of to go) to the movie.
DO NOT CONFUSE PAST TENSE w/ PAST PARTICIPLE FORM – Past participle form is when an auxiliary (helping) verb comes before the main verb – MV takes this past participle form
Ex: He has (AUX) written (MV in past part form) an exciting essay.
Conjugate the following verbs in the present and past tenses – to see; to be; to bring; to write; to go + read and annotate 67-70 FWD reading.

10/12 – Cont. of verb conjugation notes:
Future tense = event will take place at an undetermined time in the future (hasn’t happened yet)
Two ways to construct the future tense:
WILL + BASE FORM OF VERB (this structure does not change regardless of the subj being singular or plural): will see; will jump Ex: Mr. Chapin will celebrate his 30th birthday this year.
TO BE (PRES TENSE) + GOING + INFINITIVE (unconjugated form of verb that begins with to and is followed by the base form) Ex: She is (TO BE PRES) going to see (INFIN) her mother tomorrow.
Present perfect tense = action that starts in the past and continues into the future
AUX VERB HAS (SING)/HAVE (PL) + Past participle form of MV
Ex: Larry has (AUX) given (PAST PART MV) food to the homeless since 1995.
Ex: The children have (AUX) seen (PAST PART MV) that movie many times.
Ex: They have (AUX) added (PAST PART MV) you to their directory.
Past perfect = action that must be completed in the past before another action in the past can happen
He had (AUX) attended (MV Past part) Fairfield University before he enrolled at Iona.
They had (AUX) discussed (PAST PART) the issue at length; still, the student did not complete his homework.

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