Grade 8 Homework due 10-02-17

English Assignments 7-12
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Grade 8 Homework due 10-02-17

Post by andrewchapin » Fri Sep 29, 2017 3:20 pm

Rowdy says to Junior, “‘Your sister is dead because you left us. You killed her’…But she only got married so quickly and left the rez because I had left the rez first. She was only living in Montana in a cheap trailer house because I had gone to school in Reardan. She had burned to death because I had decided I wanted to spend my life with white people” (211).

Answer the following in 3-5 sentences/question:

Did Arnold abandon his culture/people?

Overall, does one have a responsibility to his/her culture/community before he/she has a responsibility to himself/herself?

What role does economics play in this novel?

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