Grade 8 Homework due 09-13-17

English Assignments 7-12
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Grade 8 Homework due 09-13-17

Post by andrewchapin » Tue Sep 12, 2017 3:52 pm

Add the following to your notes:

• “How do I make a beautiful white girl fall in love with me?”
• “The first thing you have to do is change the way you look, the way you talk, and the way you walk. And then she’ll think you’re fricking Prince Charming” (81). Views everything through a white lens; uses a white character as his ideal mate for Penelope – figurative, but significant

Then, answer the following (3-5 sentences/question):

1. Why do you think Sherman Alexie shares Junior’s observation that all the other kids on the basketball team are compared to players of the past besides him? Explain.

2. Explain the following quote: “My sister is running away to get lost, but I am running away because I want to find something” (Alexie 46).

3. How do stereotypes contribute to how Junior views himself? Explain.

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