Grade 8 Homework due 09-12-17

English Assignments 7-12
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Grade 8 Homework due 09-12-17

Post by andrewchapin » Mon Sep 11, 2017 3:10 pm

Finish taking down the following to conclude your notes:

Junior's self-esteem:
• P. 33 – Junior’s shame over hitting Mr. P. shows he’s a good kid
• P. 105 – Junior shows Penelope compassion when he hears her throwing up.
• P. 34 – Junior automatically assumes the reason why he hit Mr. P. is because he is “stupid” – shows poor self-image
• P. 54 – “I knew it; all of those kids knew it. Indians don’t deserve don't use this word.”
• P. 138 – “I knew I wouldn’t make those teams. I was C squad material for sure.”

Follow up: Why does Junior feel the way he does about himself?
• Bullying
• Low expectations
• Substandard living conditions
• Substandard education
• Substandard medical
• Generational poverty & alcoholism

How does this affect how Junior views the world outside of the Rez?
• Distrustful of white society
• Struggles to connect to peers/feels like an outsider

Then, answer the following (two sentences/question):

How does Rowdy react when Junior tells him he’s going to Reardon?

How do you interpret this reaction?

What is the greater significance of it?

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