Grade 7 Literature Homework due 09-14-17

English Assignments 7-12
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Grade 7 Literature Homework due 09-14-17

Post by andrewchapin » Wed Sep 13, 2017 4:54 pm

Copy the following into your notes and review it in preparation for our discussion tomorrow:

Denotative v. connotative meaning:
• Literal v. implied meaning
• Words are used in various situations; the strength of the word is dictated by the situation.

EX: Not well v. horrible
Smelly v. odious
Dislike v. loathe
Sad v. lugubrious

On one level, these words are synonyms; however, the right column has a much stronger connotation. Sp words convey sp. Feelings.

In regard to voice, an author’s diction is crucially important in creating an authentic character.
EX: A believable six-year-old character will only use words to express herself that she knows.

• Atticus also generous in that he supports his younger brother Jack through school to become a doctor.

Atticus is presented as different in a few specific ways:
• History of the family meant to contrast Atticus - While the Finches are cotton farmers on Finch’s Landing, Atticus is a lawyer.
• Alexandra remained on Finch’s landing. Atticus did not – On some level, she reps the status quo whereas Atticus is the outsider.
• Atticus is 15 years older than his deceased wife, which means he’s different from the parents of his children’s peers.
• Their family in general is different because they lack a mother. Calpernia represents a motherly figure.


SUBSEQUENT REF TO the “accident,” “Boo Radley,” “Dill” and the “Ewells” further reinforce that this is foreshadowing and significant.

Narrator – Scout (in future) – she’s older than the six year old girl she is at the time the story takes place.

Her diction is somewhat heightened because she’s older and looking back on these events; however, she has childish conceptions about the events, which establish her voice – stubborn, intelligent, naïve, Tomboyish young girl.

Ex. Dill’s dare and descript of it.
• Rumors about Boo Radley and his life
• Childish insensitivity of Scout describing the Cunningham’s in front of the class.
• Her voice is further established through her feelings/accounts at the time
• She’s not reflective and looking back on it with adult voice.

After reviewing the above, explain the following in your own words (5-8 sentences) on a separate piece of paper (preferably typed, size 12, Times New Roman font, double-spaced):

Does “judge” have a negative or positive connotation? Explain.

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