Art of Myth HW due 11/6

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Art of Myth HW due 11/6

Post by MsCoffin » Fri Nov 03, 2017 2:27 pm

HW due 11/6:

1) Everyone must create 10 questions and answers using your notes from "Clash of Gods: Zeus" and reading posted earlier on the website for the Titans.

2) Be sure to use the Google Classroom set up by Sarah.

3) Reminders:
-Your questions will be used to create a Quizlet Review so make sure they are accurate and rewatch parts of the History Channel's "Clash of the Gods 1/10: Zeus." The link is:

-Take this opportunity to create a good study guide for yourself and your classmates about the Titans since the Quarterly will be about these super gods, monsters, and more.

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