The Little Song Writers Hall of Fame- Intro to Keyboard

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The Little Song Writers Hall of Fame- Intro to Keyboard

Post by blackstonejb » Sun Sep 10, 2017 10:32 pm

Greetings Class :D

Many famous songwriters had to develop keyboard skills in a hurry! They wanted to communicate their melody and chords and get them down on paper. So here we go! During the first quarter, the keyboard class will provide a welcoming class room environment for enthusiastic beginning and intermediate piano/keyboard players to review all the basics: recognition of the keyboard and how it’s laid out with white and black keys..

We will be building melodies, checking out rhythmic patterns and sounds as well as 3 note chords and hearing the difference between “major and minor” tonalities. With those skills accomplished, students will then explore easy piano pop melodies and chords for class room participation. Students will be encouraged to compose original melodies - and songs will be born

Also during the first quarter, there will also be a chance to play in an ensemble using their own compositions and the easy pieces in the “Mikrokosmos” collection. (Bartok) A little flavor of the Eastern European will help us welcome the Albania students this fall.

Materials: Wire bound manuscript book student size
2 pocket folder
have a sharpened pencil with you

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