Troubadours Unite – Poetry and Song

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Troubadours Unite – Poetry and Song

Post by blackstonejb » Sun Sep 10, 2017 10:24 pm

Hello Class :D

Troubadours Unite – Poetry and Song
Singing in groups and singing solo – we are all troubadours! In all of Europe and especial Eastern Europe there were at one time full of troubadours and singers …they simply walked from town to town telling their stories with lyrical tunes that that may have been passed down to them from family members or that they had written themselves to express joy, sadness and even revolutionary and political views. In this class students will explore and sing songs of Bob Dylan, John Lennon, Woody Guthrie and Joni Mitchel for their lyrical content and performance. We will explore how to keep your voice healthy with vocalizing and how the breath is so important to get the message out - Listen to popular singers of today talk about how they keep their voice in shape for long and arduous touring schedules. As a special international treat, we will listen and perform 2 part folk melodies from Albania… and hear their most important award winning pop singers !

Breathing 101 Stanfill

Feeling Good
Down By the Riverside

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