Literature Homework due 03-29-18

Sixth Grade Homework
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Literature Homework due 03-29-18

Post by andrewchapin » Wed Mar 28, 2018 10:41 am

Homework: Differentiating sentence structure exercise + A/P voice practice.

Active/Passive Voice: Write A for Active, P for Passive, or NV for No Voice. Then, change ALL active voice sentences to passive voice and all passive voice sentences to active voice. NOTE: If the sentence can only be active and cannot be changed to passive, simply identify it as ACTIVE. Also, if the sentence is No Voice, it also cannot be converted.

1. She has swum in the lake before.
2. The girls have seen the show before.
3. They met a gang of thugs on the street.
4. Terry and his friends were seen at the scene of the crime by the witnesses.
5. Joey stole pizza from Mr. Chapin.
6. We have not seen the movie.
7. She is a nice person.
8. They had been invited to the party by him.
9. She loves his artwork.
10. They feel tired from all of their activities.

Differentiating Sentence Structure:

Write an independent clause about one of Nancy's/Fiona's traits.

Write a dependent clause that connects to/explains this trait.

Connect them to form a complex sentence.

Write an independent clause about another of Nancy's/Fiona's traits.

Write an independent clause that further explains the above trait.

Combine them to create a compound sentence.

Finally, write a compound predicate example that tells two actions that Nancy/Fiona does.

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