Grammar Homework due 11-13-17

Sixth Grade Homework
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Grammar Homework due 11-13-17

Post by andrewchapin » Thu Nov 09, 2017 12:08 pm

Study for test on the following:

Direct/indirect object
Subject complement
TR v. INT v. LV
ALL TENSES + PROGRESSIVE - simple present, past, and future + present perfect & past perfect

From class:

Tips for the test:
1. Always remember the trick for distinguishing between present perfect and past perfect – HAS/HAVE indicates present perfect b/c those are present tense forms; HAD = past perfect b/c those are past tense forms
2. Direct object = N/PN that the subject acts upon; the IO is the N/PN that receives it – IO WILL COME BEFORE DO – BOTH WILL BE FOUND AFTER A TRANSITIVE VERB – NEITHER will be found in a prep phrase. YOU CAN’T HAVE AN IO W/O A DO; can just have a DO
3. INTRANSITVE/TRANSITVE – ACTION VERBS: INT can stand on its own with just the subject – Ben (SUBJ) walked (INT) to school. TRANSITIVE = NEEDS A DO TO EXPR COMPL THOUGHT: She (SUBJ) believed (TR) his story (WHAT DID SHE BELIEVE? DO NEEDED TO EXPR COMPL THOUGHT) about aliens.
4. LV = NO ACTION = connects subject to a noun, pronoun, or adjective that renames/refers back to it. To check if a verb is linking, substitute in either a form of to be or an equal sign. Georgy is a student in Mr. Chapin’s class. Georgy = student; He looks hungry. He = hungry-looks (LV); DO NOT CONFUSE w/ this: He (SUBJ) looks (INT) at me.
TO STUDY – rewrite the concepts/examples in your own words + go through old quizzes that pertain to this material and practice by correcting them.

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