Literature Homework due 10-31-17

Sixth Grade Homework
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Literature Homework due 10-31-17

Post by andrewchapin » Fri Oct 27, 2017 10:16 am

Two-part quiz Tuesday: PT 1 – natural phenomena/origins; PT 2 – Major events/characterizations/themes from “Zeus,” “Hera,” “Athene,” “Birth of Twins,” “Apollo,” and “Sons of Apollo.”

As promised, here is the assignment that will be due on November 1. Get ahead so you do not have homework on Halloween:

Read "Artemis" and answer the following (2-3 sentences/question):
• In “Artemis,” what does Zeus find to be the most attractive quality? What does this tell us about him?

• On page 34, Pan says he does not want one of Artemis’ nymphs. Why does he say this and what does it show about him?

• How does Artemis feel about men?

• How would you characterize Artemis? How is she atypical to other female characters in Greek mythology?

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