Literature Homework 10-04-17

Sixth Grade Homework
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Literature Homework 10-04-17

Post by andrewchapin » Tue Oct 03, 2017 10:41 am

Read and annotate the NYT piece. Your annotations should focus on the following: meaning of text, questions you might have, and connection to Wonder/your own life.

In addition, here are the notes from the end of class:

• Charlotte (when telling Jack what was going on with the “war”) – Charlotte does not necessarily try to understand the situation from Jack’s perspective, but she knows how he’s being treated is wrong and pities him (feels sorry for him).
• Justin – when he observes Miles, Henry, and Julian following Jack, he puts himself in Jack’s position and, realizing that Jack is outnumbered, threatens the three boys with a fake gun (fiddle)
Why is it so important that we are empathetic?
• If we’re not empathetic when something bad is happening to someone, then they might feel that no one cares about him/her.
• To understand someone who is mad at you/hurt and get to the root of the issue (WHY?)
• Empathy makes us kind and sensitive – in understanding the position someone is in, you can make him feel better – if you are empathetic it’s easier for you to be tolerant.
• If you weren’t empathetic, you might be a bully or closed-minded (how Julian was making fun of Auggie’s face).
• Being empathetic provides the opportunity for self-growth and better understanding of the type of person you are. SHOWS A GREATER SENSE OF MATURITY. MIGHT LEARN SOMETHING ABOUT YOURSELF, such as how it feels to treat someone a certain way + can also lead to friendship.
Assumptions can lead to false beliefs/understandings; could be bad because then you disseminate false information – leads to rumors/hurt feelings

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