Literature Homework due 09-13-17

Sixth Grade Homework
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Literature Homework due 09-13-17

Post by andrewchapin » Tue Sep 12, 2017 10:43 am

Copy the following underneath your notes from today:

• The way an author describes a character, whether it be his/her physical appearance, feelings/thoughts, or actions.

Direct characterization (via 'Read, Write, Think'):
• Tells the audience what the personality (physical/emotional) personality of the character is.
• This involves physical descript. of char. (hair color, body type, facial expression) + adjectives like “patient” and “quiet” that describe the char. personality

Indirect characterization (entails interpretation of what is implied by author):
• Speech – What does the character say and how does that reflect on him?
• Thoughts – What does the character think/feel?
• Effect on others – How do the character’s words/actions affect others?
• Actions – What does the character do?
• Looks – How does the character dress/express himself with appearance?

Then, do the following:

Characterize the following (provide one direct and one indirect characterization/character – bulleted words/phrases - and be prepared to explain each in class – USE THE BOOK - and leave some space between each so you can add characterizations tomorrow):
• Auggie
• Jack Will
• Julian
• Summer
• Charlotte
• Via
• Mom
• Dad
• Miranda
• Justin

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